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Welcome to Globestride Educational Consulting, a beacon of guidance and empowerment for Filipino students dreaming of an international education. At the helm is Reegan "Rigs" Imperial, a seasoned veteran in the international education industry with nearly two decades of rich experience. Having lived and worked in diverse educational landscapes like China, Singapore, Australia, and the United Kingdom, Rigs brings a unique global perspective and deep understanding of the complexities involved in studying abroad.

Founded on the principles of personalized service, integrity, excellence, and continuous support, Globestride is more than just a consulting firm. We are your partners in navigating the journey to academic success in Australia. Our core purpose is to provide pathways not only to education but to potential permanent residency, aligning with our mission to guide students through VET course recommendations, visa processes, and clear pathways to a stable future.

Rigs’ expertise as a Qualified Education Agent Counsellor (QEAC), combined with his extensive experience, ensures that every student receives honest, transparent, and expert advice. At Globestride, we believe in tailoring our services to meet individual student profiles and goals, maintaining a high standard of service from the initial inquiry to post-arrival in Australia.

Join us at Globestride, where your aspirations to study abroad are transformed into achievable, well-defined paths, leading to a brighter, more stable future.

Pathway Assessment
Unlock your Australian dream with our Pathway Assessment. We meticulously evaluate your goals, career trajectory, and educational background to craft a personalized roadmap to success in Australia. Begin your journey with confidence, knowing every step is strategically planned for you.
Visa Lodging and Assistance
Navigate the complexities of visa applications with ease. Whether it's a DIY approach or leveraging our Registered Migration Agent, we offer comprehensive support for student, tourist, migration, and work visas. Experience a seamless, stress-free process from start to finish.
GTE Services
Master the art of GTE submissions with our expert services. We strategize, plan, and assist in crafting compelling Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) statements, enhancing your visa approval chances. Let our experience be your guide in this crucial step."
Re-application for Refused Applicants
Turn setbacks into success with our re-application services. If you’ve faced a visa refusal, we're here to reassess, refine, and strengthen your application. Our targeted approach increases the likelihood of turning a refusal into an approval.
Career Guidance and Coaching
Shape your future with our Career Guidance and Coaching. We provide insightful advice and practical strategies to align your studies with career aspirations, ensuring you're equipped for success post-graduation. Your journey to career excellence starts here.
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